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Daycare Sanctuary

Here at Pet Sanctuary we want your dog to enjoy himself/herself while you go to work or holiday guilt-free. We do not just leave your furkids in cages or playpens. They get to be properly stimulated and fulfilled with treadmill traveling, socialization and a good long walk and simple mantle stimulation like playtime.


Our staff are train to walk dogs the right way and taught an introductory to dog behaviour so that it'll help them to handle dogs the right way during socialization time.

You want to go to work / holiday feeling guilt-free that you did not leave your furkid in the cage or at home with no physical or mental stimulation or feel worried that your friend might not handle your dog the right way?

Fear not! Our daycare sanctuary service offers your furkid a fulfilling day on the treadmill, socializing with our stable house dogs and taking a good long walk with other dogs.

We care for your furkid just like they're our own.

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